Sottobroto Foundation


Sottobroto Foundation is a non-profitable, social welfare and religion based organization. Sottobroto Foundation established to spread the religion peace among all human beings in the world. A group of people who are the followers of Sufi Saint Sheikh Abdul Hanif and found peace among their life are the founder of this institution. Sufi Saint Sheikh Abdul Hanif preaching the religion peace around the world in His lifetime. He restlessly worked to spread the formula by which one can place himself/herself in peace by the real work practices in daily life. He shows the formula Work-Humanity-Peace. With this formula anyone can be settled in Peace. Religion is not for individual or group interests, religion is only for humanity. Work is the religion, through work human being puts himself/herself in the seat of excellence where peace can be gathered easily. The values and dignity of work plans depend on the attainment of humanity level. Extreme sacrifice, patience, perfect norms and perfect education helps to develop humanity among the people. People can attain all these qualities only by discarding the veil of egotism and by immersing himself in the path of the pursuit of knowing the ‘One’. Knowledge is the focus point of `One’. Now a days people are forgetting their sense of individuality and merging themselves into brutality in different spheres of the society. In these aspects, people are using their jealousy, anger, greed, lust, infatuation, sex, etc. uncontrollably without seeking the peace, and these cases resulting in chaos in all aspects of life. “Peace” is true, eternal and real. Sufi Saint Sheikh Abdul Hanif has taken vows to advance the desired changes in social reformation. The main objective of Sottobroto Foundation is to establish work-humanity-peace through the practice of achieving the goals and ideals of Sufi Saint Sheikh Abdul Hanif. Sottobroto Foundation is working for the development of the human race in an effort to make the way of life colorful and in the context of socio-economic conditions by analyzing and researching the desired way of life using the formula given by Sufi Saint Sheikh Abdul Hanif, of people of all classes and professions irrespective of race, religion, caste and creed.


Practicing the human values of action, including the establishment of the ideals and philosophy of ‘Sufi Saint’ in the great contest of humanity for the sake of action-humanity-peace.